Graanul Biotech
Lignin analysis and valorization technologies; conversion of wood sugars into citric acid and into rigid diols used in polymer industry; bioconversion of wood sugars

State Forest Management Centre
Valorizing wood biomass into value added chemicals

Graanul Invest

VTT Industrial Biotechnology and Food Solutions

Development of bio-based acrylic paints

Center of Food and Fermentation Tecnologies
Bioprocess optimisation

Metsä Board (Finland)
Paper- and cardboard coatings

CH-Polymers (Finland)
Paper- and cardboard coatings

Mirka (Finland)
Abrasive coatings

Roquette (France)
Synthesis of isosorbide derivatives

VAPA (Russia)
Paints and coatings for wood surfaces

Chr. Hansen AS (Denmark)
Design yoghurt starter cultures

Borregaard AB (Norway)
Bioconversion of wood sugars

LanzaTech (USA)
Gas fermentation technologies