On the Arvamusfestival (opinion’s festival) prof. Mart Loog discussed the frontiers of Synthetic biology and wood biotech and how the high value compounds may be produced from wastes

Over 1 million tons of wood industry wastes are produced in Estonia annually. This wastes are convetionally burnt. However, the same wastes may be used as a source material to produce high value compounds like cosmetics, vitamins, pharmacuticals etc. On the Arvamusfestival, annual event where Estonia’s brightest mind share their idea with general audience, prof. Mart Loog have discussed how synthetic biology can be applied in wood industry to make use of wastes, produce valuable chemicals, and minimise the carbon footprint. He told about cooperation with USA based biotechnology giant LanzaTech, and how in Estonia the new very perspective branch of synthetic biology is formed. Prof. Loog also discussed the emerging woodbiotech facility in Imavere, the most innovative and clean wood industry plant in the World.

You may read the full article here (in Estonian): https://www.ajakiri.ut.ee/artikkel/3786?fbclid=IwAR1q2YdER5HwiwyaH-UM5Ah1w7paR33KINv67ozGDP4l3QIXo37kqbEqoNE